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Recognition & Community

Our platform provides education, training, and networking opportunities to individuals in disability advocacy. We also recognize top organizations in Social Security Disability representation. Join us and become part of a collaborative hub for the disability advocacy community.

Recognizing the Unwavering Commitment of Representatives Across the Country

Our origins are rooted in a deep commitment to acknowledging and amplifying the impactful work carried out by organizations advocating for the disabled. In 2022, our predecessor, Social Security Leadership for Disability Representatives (SSLDR), began recognizing the Top 500 Social Security disability organizations for their unwavering dedication and the invaluable role they play in advocating for the disabled community. ACRD will seamlessly carry forward this tradition of recognizing these organizations and hopes to expand the recognition beyond this industry in the future.

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How It Works

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our service to help clarify common inquiries.

What do I receive for being on the Top 500 List? 

Each organization receives an exclusive award designed by our own team to be displayed as a token to their amazing accomplishments. 

No. The Top 500 is a completely unbiased list derived by working directly with the Social Security Administration. 

Are the Top 500 nominated?
Are there other awards ACRD issues?

Our organization strives to recognize the passionate work advocates across the country provide to the disabled community. As we continue to expand, we hope to grow our recognition as well. 

When do the recipients receive the award?

We try our best to have the awards created and ready for sendoff before the end of the first quarter. However, our timeline is largely impacted by working with SSA. Therefore, recipients may not receive the award until the second quarter each year. 

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