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FREE access to SkillTRAN for Social Security Disability Representative members
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Your platform for education, training, and networking opportunities in disability advocacy. Join us and make a difference today.

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Support Through Education and Training

ACRD offers a comprehensive range of education and training services to equip disability advocates with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference. From online courses to live events, we provide valuable resources to support your advocacy journey.

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ACRD Academy

Members have FREE access to a range of training modules for organizational staff members. 

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CLE Library

ACRD members have access to over 200 CLE courses at a discounted rate!

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ACRD Community

With our ACRD Hub, members can interact with one another by sharing best practices, giving guidance, and support.

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Discounted Rates

ACRD members receive discounts on EVERY offering!

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Early Access

At ACRD, we offer a range of services to support disability advocates. Members are the FIRST to know all new offerings and developments. 

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ACRD Listens!

We are here to serve YOU! Feedback from our members is what drives our services. 

Membership Benefits

At ACRD we strive to offer a membership package that brings value to your entire organization.

ACRD Services

Services aimed to support those who serve the disabled community with unwavering committment.

Education & Training 


Elevate your expertise through specialized certification programs, ensuring you stay at the forefront of disability law.

Annual Conferences

Gather with industry leaders, earn CLE credits, and network with like-minded iprofessionals.

Recognition & Community

We recognize and award the top Social Security disability organizations  and facilitate meaningful connections.

Our Purpose

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It is not just about who we are, it is why we do it. Our mission and values are rooted in purpose. We are driven to serve the greater good. 


Mission: Our mission is to empower and educate disability representatives by providing comprehensive training, fostering leadership skills, promoting technological proficiency, and offering valuable networking opportunities.


Values: At ACRD, our ultimate objective is elevating the standard of disability representation. We strive to support the disabled community through unwavering commitment and purpose-driven support to disability advocates across multiple industries. 

Why Trust Us

Join the ACRD membership and gain access to a vast network of disability advocates, professionals, and organizations. Expand your knowledge, skills, and opportunities for growth.

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Trust At The Core

Trust is foundational at ACRD, driving our mission with purpose. Every decision aims for positive change.

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Serving The Community

Trust shines in our service to the disabled community, amplifying voices, providing unwavering support, and championing rights.

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Guided By Purpose

Our initiatives contribute meaningfully to disability advocacy, ensuring actions reflect a commitment to a more inclusive future.

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Meaningful Connections

ACRD is devoted to building connections. Through purpose-driven initiatives, we forge bonds grounded in trust, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to making a difference.

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Membership Impact

Joining ACRD goes beyond a product or service. Align with an organization prioritizing ethics, inclusivity, and a genuine desire to contribute.

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Trust Impact

Trust in ACRD as your advocate for making a difference. Together, we embark on creating a more inclusive world

  • 2024 Annual Conference
    2024 Annual Conference
    Membership Offer
    September 24th and 25th
    September 24th and 25th
    Orlando, 8701 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, USA
    Elevate your expertise and connect with industry leaders on the forefront of positive change. Don't miss this transformative experience at ACRD's premier event.

This Years Event

We are excited to announce that the 2024 Annual Conference will be held a the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida!


Join The Advocacy Network

Empower individuals in disability advocacy and be part of a supportive community.

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